We focus on exceptional standards.

Mix Masters, Incorporated (MMI) is a Philippine company founded in 2002 which provides the Philippine and International food industry competitive, innovative, and quality food products. MMI specializes in supplying bakery premixes, seasoned and unseasoned gravy mix, powdered beverage preparations and other custom blended powder products that meet the highest standards of the food industry.
In the pursuit of this ideal, MMI employs a team of highly qualified technical staff which focuses on achieving exceptional standards of taste, partnered with consistent quality and full technical service that Mix Masters, Inc.’s partner clients deserve.

Our Featured Clients

The New
Albergus Inc.

Barrio Fiesta
Manufacturing Corporation

The Bistro Group

WS and Landin, Inc.
(Bo’s Coffee)

Bluemantle Industries, Inc.
(Mary Grace Café)

BSY Foods Unlimited Inc.
(Chinatown’s Best Food)

COG Manufacturing
(Juan Barrista)

Figaro Coffee
System Inc.

Sweet Haven

Mer-Nel’s Cakehouse
& Variety Shop

MFC Bistro Foods Corp.
(New Bistro Deli)

NNB Foods
Ent. Corp.

No Bia, Inc.
(Pancake House)

Rebranded Philippines,
Incorporated (Zoo Coffee)

Sarimonde Foods Corporation
(Sari Roti Bread)

RFM Corporation

Gardenia Bakeries
(Phils.), Inc.

Tita’s Choice Food Manufacturing
and Trading Corp.

Victoria Court